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​Icestorm is an SGI AAltix ICE distributed memory computer, 256 compute blades with dual quad core Intel Xeon processors, for a total 2048 compute cores.

​Reactor core simulation

​Fuel Pin simulation and equations​

​Nuclear fuel microstructure simulation

​​​High-Performance Computing

INL’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources provide scientific computing capabilities to support the lab’s efforts in advanced modeling and simulation. The HPC data center supports a wide range of research activities, including performance of materials in harsh environments (including the effects of irradiation and high temperatures), modeling of geomechanical changes in subsurface flow, performance of advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors, and multiscale analysis of nuclear fuel performance.  Current computing resources include Falcon and Fission. Falcon is an SGI ICE-X distributed memory system with 16,416 cores, 88 TB of memory and a LINPACK rating of 511 TFlops. Fission is an Appro distributed memory system with 12,512 processors, 25 TB of memory, and an aggregate peak-processing rate of more than 90 Tflops. Other smaller systems provide specialized services.


HPC Access Request

To request access to the high performance computing resources, please apply here:


High Performance Computing Ticket Submission Form

To report problems accessing or using the INL HPC environment, please contact the INL Help Desk at
(208) 526-1000.